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Lyzr Partners with Global AI Organizations to Offer a Groundbreaking Learning Opportunity for Enterprise Leaders

By: Zexprwire

New Jersey, US, 1st April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, In an innovative collaboration, Lyzr – a framework to build private and secure GenAI apps, has teamed up with top-tier AI organizations to introduce their first and free program under Lyzr Academy. The “GenAI Stack for Enterprise Leaders” course is crafted for CIOs, Product Managers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Founders, and aspiring AI creators. This course is set to revolutionize how professionals and organizations leverage AI for business excellence and innovation.

Lyzr is at the forefront of making GenAI development accessible to a broad audience, including those without advanced technical knowledge. They offer the simplest agent framework to help customers build and launch Generative AI apps faster. These models are not just technological advancements but are a gateway for a new age of AI-powered creators.

About the Course:

In collaboration with illustrious partners from the world of AI, such as Qdrant, Nomic, Streamlit, UnstructuredIO,, AgentOps, AWS, goML,, Voyage AI, and Humanloop, Lyzr’s “GenAI Stack for Enterprise Leaders” offers a promising opportunity to those looking to harness the potential of GenAI within their enterprises. This comprehensive course offers a deep dive into building GenAI applications, use-cases across industries, a breakdown of the AI stack and its various layers, prompt management and more.

The instructors for this course include, but are not limited to, Siva Surendira (Lyzr), Nader Khalil (, Christopher Maddock (, Suraj Chawla (, Adam Silverman (AgentOps &, Rishabh Sood (goML), Raza Habib (Humanlopp), Tengyu Ma (Voyage AI), Tony K.(Streamlit), and Andriy Mulyar (Nomic).

The course, designed to give a complete overview and in-depth knowledge of building a GenAI practice, covers an extensive range of modules from introduction to GenAI, breaking down the AI stack, a look at various use-cases and apps being built, the different layers (infrastructure, data, LLM, prompt, app etc) as well as compliance and AI safety.

Participants will not only gain a thorough understanding of the GenAI world, but will also be able to build their own GenAI apps at the end of the course, and will receive a certificate upon completion. Additionally, those who successfully complete the course will be eligible for $25K-$50K in AWS funding to build proof-of-concept apps and free credits from AWS, Microsoft, Weaviate, goMl, & Hugging Face. Upon registration, participants also get access to an exclusive community of peers and experts where they can continue their learning and network with thought leaders. 

What You Gain From This Course (TL;DR)

  • Expert insights from leaders in the AI industry, providing real-world knowledge and an in-depth understanding of use-cases.
  • Actionable strategies & guidance from instructors to help implement GenAI effectively within your business.
  • Access to an exclusive community, offering the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and pioneers in the field of AI.

The course is currently open for registration, with limited spots available. Waitlist registrations can be made here:

About Lyzr:

Lyzr offers a low-code way to build and launch Generative AI apps. Lyzr is dedicated to democratizing AI development, making it feasible for a wider range of creators to construct and deploy Generative AI applications swiftly. With Lyzr, you can now move on  from complex architectures involving endless chains and indexes. Lyzr’s fully-integrated agents streamline AI development for rapid launch.

For more information about the “GenAI Stack for Enterprise Leaders” course and to register, visit Lyzr Academy.

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