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6 Benefits of a 3-sided Tablecloth

6 Benefits of a 3-sided TableclothPhoto from Unsplash

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There are many benefits to using a 3-sided tablecloth. Let’s check out the top reasons you should choose this for your next trade show.

In the post-pandemic world, trade shows are more important than ever. They are a vital way to create interest in your company or product. 60% of survey respondents said that they planned to use trade shows for more advertising than before. A custom tablecloth is one of the best ways to get noticed.

When choosing a tradeshow tablecloth for your tradeshow booth, you’ll find that there are several options available, such as the 3-sided tablecloth. A 3-sided tablecloth offers many advantages for your tradeshow booth that other options may not. It’s essential to select the right custom tablecloth style that fits within the budget of your tradeshow costs, while also helping to represent your brand.

In this article, we’ll focus on ways to use custom tablecloths. If you’re looking for more information on using 3-sided tablecloths as a part of your tradeshow booth decor, keep reading below to discover 6 great benefits.

The Six Main Benefits of a 3-Sided Tablecloth

1. A 3-Sided Tablecloth is Stain and Wrinkle Resistant

A tradeshow tablecloth may be the first thing to catch the eye of a potential consumer at a tradeshow. Market research shows that it takes 5-7 impressions on average of your brand to make it truly memorable in the minds of your consumers. Using a 3-sided tablecloth can help you reach more consumers with each view at a tradeshow booth.

Your custom tablecloth’s appearance is a reflection of your company’s brand as part of your tradeshow booth, so you want to make sure it always looks its best. This means keeping it clean and free of any wrinkles. A quality three-sided tablecloth can help you achieve both of these goals.

The 3-sided tablecloth’s construction is made from a 100% percent machine washable polyester twill. Simply toss it into the washing machine to clean it. Then just hang it up to air-dry and use an iron on a low setting to restore your custom tablecloth as good as new again.

This polyester twill material is also naturally resistant to wrinkling. This sturdy fabric gives you an effortless and high-quality look that doesn’t bunch up or crease. No matter how many times you use and store your custom tablecloth, it will maintain a professional-looking appearance each time you use it.

Every tablecloth receives a special stain pre-treatment before they are shipped out. This treatment helps guard against stains from food and beverages accidentally spilling. This is ideal for vendors at farmers’ markets and food and wine tradeshow events where spillage may be more commonplace.

This stain treatment even helps to repel stubborn pen marks. It keeps the pen ink from setting in so it can wash out more easily. This ensures that your custom tablecloth will always look its very best and so will your brand as a result.

2. Provides Easy Storage and Acess to Promotional Materials

Appearing at tradeshows is a prime place to promote and get eyes on your brand. You’ll want to have an array of promotional items available to display and hand out to passersby. You will also need a way to store excess materials in a way that won’t clutter up your tradeshow booth display.

A 3-sided tablecloth with a logo gives you the space you need underneath to store the promotional materials that aren’t in use. They will be out of sight to those who come to your booth while still being easily visible and accessible to you from behind without having to disturb the position of your custom tablecloth. When you want to hand out a free sample or a promotional goodie bag, just reach down.

You can see exactly what you have underneath the table without lifting up the tradeshow tablecloth and disrupting the contents on top. This makes it easier to organize and inventory your items in storage containers and boxes. It also creates an effortless exchange between you and your consumers.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally tripping on or pulling on your custom tablecloth from the back either. This 3-sided tablecloth design gives you just enough coverage for the front and the sides of your tradeshow booth while leaving the back unobstructed. This allows you to sit or stand at your booth without the fear of having your custom tablecloth pulled on or getting ripped.

Using a 3-sided tablecloth gives you the functionality you need, paired with the design of a custom tablecloth built in. This way, you can display what you need and store what you don’t out of sight under the table of your tradeshow booth with the branded custom tablecloth providing coverage and decoration.

3. Available in Many Custom Color Options

Color plays a big part in branding your tradeshow booth and making an impression on your potential consumers. Strategic use of color can increase brand awareness by as much as 80%. This means using color as a part of your branding should also extend to your tradeshow booth.

Consistent color branding can help cement your brand in the minds of your consumers. A specific color or color scheme can make all the difference in remembering your brand later on. The ability to recall colors in the human brain is a tactic that has been used by advertisers for decades.

Think about the unmistakable gold and red of the McDonald’s logo or the distinct white and green coloring of the Starbucks logo. All of the biggest businesses strive to create a color palette that is instantly recognizable to their consumers. Certain colors can even have a psychological impact and evoke different feelings from consumers.

Custom tablecloths, like the 3-sided tablecloth, come in an array of custom color options. They are dye-sublimated to ensure a superior color match for your business. The colors won’t run or fade over time so your tradeshow tablecloth will stay looking good use after use.

Choose from a palette of pre-selected most common colors from the dropdown ordering menu. You also have the option to submit a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color alternative. Or you can submit your own Pantone color code for a full-color match at no additional charge.

Your custom tablecloths can even have a full-color logo printed across the front and sides with a free digital e-proof included. It’s up to you whether you want to have a printed logo custom tablecloth or just a plain-colored tablecloth to match your business’s color scheme. You can even have plain-colored tablecloths as a backup option.

4. Comes in Multiple Sizes to Fit Standard Table Sizes

Selecting the proper custom tablecloth size for your tradeshow booth is also an important factor. If you have multiple-sized tables in use, you can find a 3-sided tablecloth size to fit your needs. The 3-sided tablecloth comes in sizes to fit folding tables that are 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft in length.

These custom tablecloths fit superbly on tables that are 30 inches tall by 30 inches deep. You can instantly turn any ordinary table into a powerful form of brand presence no matter where you go. Don’t rely on a bland or oversized tablecloth that will sag and droop as the day goes on or use a tablecloth that is too small for the table provided.

Configuring the right-sized custom tablecloth into your tradeshow costs means that your tradeshow booth will always maintain a professional appearance. This is an essential part of attracting people to come over to your booth. The way you present your brand through your tradeshow booth can have a bigger impact than you think.

Whether you want to use one standalone 8 ft long table or combine it with two 4 ft long side tables to give your tradeshow booth a U-shaped appearance, you can find the right 3-sided tablecloth size combinations to meet this need. Having a variety of different 3-sided tablecloth sizes printed up and ready to go will mean you are well-prepared for whatever tradeshow event you go to.

Don’t leave tradeshow tablecloth measurements to chance or rely on one size to serve all of your needs. With three standard design sizes available in a 3-sided tablecloth, we take the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit for your tradeshow booth’s custom tablecloth needs. Making a custom-branded tablecloth has never been easier.

5. Offers a More Cost-Effective Option

3-sided tablecloths use less fabric so the back is more open for sitting or storing items. Less fabric used in the construction of these custom tablecloths also means they are less expensive than their 4 sided counterparts. You can factor more savings into your tradeshow costs.

If you opt for a logo design, you’re only paying for the logo on the front side. You don’t have to worry about wasting money on a logo on the reverse side that won’t even be seen. You’ll have the full benefit of having the sides and front fully visible with the back more open for easy accessibility without paying the price you would for a wraparound design.

A 3-sided tablecloth is ideal for smaller businesses just starting out who may not have a large advertising budget allotted. It’s also a smart choice for tradeshows in large venues where the booths are placed in rows in a side-by-side formation since less emphasis is placed on the need for your tradeshow booth to have full visibility from the back.

You can also find additional discounts when you buy your custom tablecloths in bulk. The more custom tablecloths you purchase in one order, the more you will save on the cost of each one overall thanks to special bulk discounts. Examples of bulk discounts include:

  • Saving 10% off when you buy 5-10 custom tablecloths
  • Receiving a 12% discount when you purchase 11-25 custom tablecloths
  • Getting 15% off when you order 26 or more custom tablecloths

Having backup custom tablecloths on hand can work to your benefit in case anything happens to your originals. Ordering custom tablecloths in bulk means that you won’t be caught off-guard on the big day of your tradeshow event. You’ll always be prepared when it comes to ensuring your tradeshow booth is in top form.

6. Always Gives You a High-Quality and Professional Look

Establishing your brand or company’s presence is vital to its success. Your tradeshow booth serves as an extension of your brand. Whenever you represent your brand, you want to put the best possible face out there that you can through your advertising and promotional materials.

Every aspect of advertising your brand is a crucial factor of its success. From billboards to radio and TV ads, and even your tradeshow booth custom tablecloths, everything matters. A 3-sided tablecloth is one of the best ways to get eyes on your tradeshow booth.

The high-quality colors and logo printing on your 3-sided tablecloth will help to draw the eyes in and drive more traffic to your booth. The way it drapes without wrinkling and bunching gives your tradeshow booth a professional look. This reflects well on your brand and consumer opinion overall.

Standing out at a tradeshow is a primary goal. No business wants to spend all of that time and effort attending a tradeshow just to blend into the background. You want something dynamic that pops out and grabs the attention of your tradeshow event attendees.

Custom tablecloths like the 3-sided tablecloth design help give you an edge against your possible competitors. Options like the edge-to-edge custom printed tablecloth give you an all-over design of logos and other graphics for an even more high-def appeal. This innovative style is a must-have for businesses looking for the proper advertising boost.

But you don’t have to stop at custom tablecloths either. Pair your 3-sided tablecloths with other printed promotional items like custom banners, backdrops, and tents to up your wow factor even more. You’ll have a tradeshow booth setup that you can be proud to use to represent your brand or company.

Find More Tradeshow Custom Tablecloth Designs from Custom Banner Lab

When it comes to tradeshows, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. A 3-sided tablecloth helps enhance your tradeshow booth experience. It provides a way to reach potential consumers through custom branding.

Custom Banner Lab in Indiana is your top source for custom-printed promotional display items. Make your tradeshow booth pop with an array of custom tablecloths to suit your needs, no matter how big or small. You’ll also find custom tents, flags, director’s chairs, banners, and backdrops to further accessorize your look.

Contact us today for more information about your custom tablecloth and other printed promotional product needs.

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