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SEPT 29 is Nat. Coffee Day! Eco-Friendly STEEPED COFFEE Breaks Down Different Coffee Roasts & Beans to Find Your Perfect Roast; Plus 20% savings Code COFFEEDAY

• SEPT 29 is NATIONAL COFFEE DAY • Steeped Coffee Offers Gourmet Eco-Friendly Coffee Bags • Monthly Gift subscriptions • Perfect for Iced Coffee, Camping, RV’s • No pods or plugs Required • Save 20% with code COFFEEDAY, 9/25-9/30

(PRUnderground) September 14th, 2023

Even the most discerning coffee aficionados may think that taste, aroma, and body are all about the bean itself. But it’s actually the way that bean is processed and brewed that reveals coffee’s essential character.

Steeped Coffee  (Steeped), the eco-minded force behind fresh-roasted, single-serve gourmet coffee in compostable brew bags, wants people to know what to expect when it comes to the different roasting methods. Read on to take a deeper dive into your cup of joe—and discover which style makes you smile.

What’s in a name? You’ve seen all the descriptive terms: French Roast, Breakfast Roast, Espresso, Viennese, Blonde Roast, and more. But did you know that they’re all variations on just three basic categories? That’s right, that java you’re drinking is generally either light, medium, or dark roast.

All coffee beans, whether they’re destined to be light, medium, or dark roasted, start out green. The heat of the roasting process causes them to dry out, change color, and develop their coffee-like character. The longer the roast, the darker they become.

Master coffee roasters are part artisans/part scientists, and their tools are time and temperature. They carefully monitor the roasting process to determine the exact moment each batch reaches the desired character.

Light Roast: You’ll sometimes see monikers like Blonde, Light City, or Cinnamon Roasts, and they’re all part of the Light Roast family. If you enjoy a mellow flavor with bright, slightly fruity overtones, Light Roast is for you. Try Steeped’s Sunrise Blend, with lovely notes of lemon-lime, cocoa nibs, and toffee.

You may be surprised to know that light roasts have more caffeine and higher acidity than their darker bean brethren. That’s because the longer the roast, the more caffeine and acid is released from the bean. Light Roast beans are pulled from the roaster earlier in the heating process, at around 356°F – 401°F, so the acid and caffeine don’t have time to “burn-off.”

Medium Roast: The best choice for those who love a balanced, smooth cup of coffee, Medium Roast beans are roasted at about 410°F – 428°F. Look for labels like Breakfast or American Roast. These coffees are a little deeper, darker, and sweeter than light roasts. Steeped’s California Blend is a great example of a Medium Roast coffee, delivering a toasty profile with notes of nuts and chocolate.

Dark Roast: Beans roasted at about 464°F – 482°F produce a rich, full-bodied flavor with bittersweet overtones and a deep aroma—perfect for those who favor a more intense brew. Dark Roast is the province of bold styles like Espresso, French, Viennese, and Italian Roasts. If you crave a true Dark Roast coffee experience, look no further than Steeped’s Odyssey Blend, with its earthy, almost savory profile.

A word about specialty coffees: “Specialty coffee” status has nothing to do with fancy flavors. The title is bestowed by a panel of certified experts who rank coffee by specific criteria like aroma, flavor, acidity, body, balance, and taste. Only the highest scoring coffees earn bragging rights as specialty coffee.

But specialty coffee isn’t just about the numbers—it’s about the journey from seed to cup. Everyone behind the scenes, from the growers and roasters to exporters and baristas, are committed to respecting each other, the community, and the world at large.

Steeped Coffee has been setting the industry’s ethical standards since 2017. Their craft-roasted specialty coffee comes in convenient, fully compostable, single-serve brew bags. CEO and Founder Josh Wilbur developed the proprietary Steeped Brewing Method in response to the environmental dilemma created by the billions of unrecyclable pods and brewing machines accumulating in the world’s landfills each year. Both the inner brew bag and even their award-winning outer packaging is certified compostable. And since the Steeped ethos is all about global responsibility, its Fair Trade coffee is sourced directly from farmers to help support the communities of origin.

Steeped also works with more than 400 specialty coffee roasting partners who use its single-serve brewing method and share its passion for environmental stewardship, ethical sourcing, and a perfect cup of coffee.

Learn about coffee and get news, recipes, and more on the STEEPED Coffee blog at

About Steeped Coffee

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Steeped Coffee is a Certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation helping to make great-tasting craft coffee more accessible, more ethical, and more sustainable through its patent-pending Steeped Brewing Method. The proprietary method brews coffee similarly to tea in pre-portioned compostable coffee bags, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. Licensed to over 500 of the top specialty roasters around the globe, the Steeped Brewing Method is the easiest way to make a perfect cup of coffee by simply adding water without pods, plugs, or expensive equipment. Welcome to Coffee Simplified.

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Photo: The Steeped Coffee full immersion brew method means no machines, no waste, guilt-free packaging, and amazing gourmet coffee taste.

About Steeped Coffee

Steeped, Inc. based in Santa Cruz, California, is a Certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation focused on every detail from farm-to-cup and beyond, to bring people the most convenient, high quality, ethically sourced, and sustainably packaged products available. Steeped Coffee is the new standard for single-serve coffee that combines both convenience and quality all within Guilt-Free Packaging. The proprietary Steeped Brewing Method delivers 100% freshly roasted, precision ground, and nitro-sealed specialty coffee pre-portioned within Steeped Full Immersion Filters. Steeped Coffee is the simplest way to make a perfect cup of coffee by just adding water, with no machine needed.

Steeped Coffee is available on Amazon with Prime Free Delivery, at select Whole Foods, and through premium environmentally conscious supermarkets, luxury hotels, and offices with craft coffee services. Through licensed partnerships, Steeped, Inc. works with over 125 specialty coffee roasters to share its technology and brewing method around the globe. For more information, visit For business inquiries, contact or visit

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