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How to Ride a HiPeak Folding Electric Bike with a Dog?

In this article, Janice shares her experiences and methods of riding an electric bike with her dog, hoping to help more people enjoy the joy of riding with a dog.

(PRUnderground) May 29th, 2023

There is nothing like getting out and about with your dog on these warm days. In fact, many dog lovers also are also e-bike enthusiasts and are always looking for ways to combine the two so that their dogs and enjoy a fun ride with their owners.

However, most dogs are active and there are a number of difficulties with riding folding electric bikes with them, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Janice Clare, who lives in Miami, Florida, is a typical dog lover and a veteran HiPEAK ELIAS electric fat tire bike user. Janice’s favorite thing to do on vacation is to ride the HiPEAK ELIAS Fat Tire Electric Bike outdoors with her dog.

In this article, Janice shares her experiences and methods of riding an electric bike with her dog, hoping to help more people enjoy the joy of riding with a dog.

The way to ride an electric bike with a dog

Riding a folding electric bike with your dog is usually divided in two ways – letting your dog run along with the bike or putting your dog in the pet basket.

“Riding a bike with your dog means your dog needs to be in the bike pet basket or running next to your bike.” The latter may be an excellent form of exercise for some people and dogs,” Janice said. And for those small dogs who don’t want to exercise they can use a bike trailer or basket. In any case, it’s vital to do things correctly.”

Dog walking

First of all please make sure that this is a safe activity for your dog. This is because the dog may need to run along the entire time people are riding their electric bike.

“Even if your dog seems to be in good condition, you should have it examined in detail by a veterinarian before starting a new form of exercise. Because we have to make sure our dog is fit for extended exercise and that he doesn’t have any potential health problems that could be exacerbated by strenuous exercise,” Janice said. “During the exam, the vet told me that my dog was a little overweight, so jogging wasn’t the best new exercise for him. The vet advised me that I should develop a daily walking exercise program for my dog before starting to run on the e-bike.”

Pet basket

Some dogs are not naturally suited to running, such as pit bulls and pugs, while other dogs are too old to adapt to the speed and range of an electric bike. Forcing them to run after the bike can lead to overheating, exhaustion, illness or injury. If you still want to riding electric bike with them, then the best way to do so is to buy an electric bike pet basket for them.

When purchasing a pet basket, one should make sure that the pet basket has enough room for one’s dog to stretch out and move freely in it, but not so big that they fall out. On the HiPEAK website, people can find the most suitable electric bike pet basket for their dogs. It uses a quick buckle design and straps to fix the basket directly to the bike handlebars, with strong Velcro on the back to facilitate quick installation and removal while maintaining stability. It also has internal safety tether clips attached to the dog’s harness to keep it safe during the ride. There are also mesh windows for cooling vents to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat.

What equipment you need when riding an electric bike with your dog

Once you are sure your dog can ride and run with you, the next thing to do is to purchase necessary equipment to ensure the safety of the dog. The following are some of the items Janice suggests:

Leash: A dog bike leash that attaches to the bike and keeps the dog from getting into the wheels.

Reflective dog harness: Equipment that makes your dog easier to spot at night or in low-light conditions.

Flashing lights: You can purchase collars with built-in lights or use lights that clip into the dog’s collar.

Dog First Aid Kit: Ensures the dog is rescued after an injury.

Dog boots: protect the dog’s feet from sharp objects.

Cold-proof equipment: for use in cold environments.

Bottled water: to hydrate the dog midway.

Riding with a dog step-by-step

Once it has been determined that jogging is the right exercise for your dog, the next step is to teach him how to ride an electric bike. Some dogs are fine next to a moving bike, while others may be scared. “If your dog has never been exposed to an electric bike before, start by placing him next to a stationary bike to check his condition. Then put your dog on a leash and gently start walking him. Reward him with a tasty treat as he keeps up with you.” Janice says, “Don’t expect your dog to feel comfortable around a bike after only a few practice sessions. Once your dog is comfortable walking around the bike, then try to get on the folding e-bike and start riding. If the dog seems scared, get off the bike and console him until he no longer shows signs of anxiety.”

“Once the dog is fully acclimated to the bike, you can begin to gently start your own e-bike and gradually increase the speed until the dog can hold the leash and walk alongside yourself while you ride the electric fat tire bike.” Janice says, “Start at a slow to moderate speed for about 10 minutes and watch how the dog responds to the increased exercise. Every few days, increase the ride time by 5 to 10 minutes. If your dog slows down on its own or begins to limp, it’s time to take a break.”

After your dog can get comfortable with his riding rhythm, you can start teaching him some cues to use while riding. For example, use a whistling sound to cue the dog to prepare to change direction before a turn. Or use some other cue to get the dog’s attention back to himself when he is distracted. It is best to choose simple phrases for the cue and reinforce the dog’s response to the cue with a reward such as candy.

Issues that need attention

If the dog runs in a different direction, the rider may lose his balance and fall, even if only a little, and the leash may wrap around the bicycle spokes. Therefore, it is best to use a special leash assembly for bicycle dog walking, which can largely absorb tension to protect both dog and rider.

In addition, don’t forget to provide your dog with plenty of clean drinking water when jogging outdoors. Try to leave your dog at home in hot weather or consider taking your dog out for a ride in the early morning before the heat sets in. If a dog shows signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion, seek medical help immediately.


Riding a folding electric bike with your dog is a extremely interesting activity that not only allow you to enjoy the sport with your dog, but enhances the bond between each other. But during riding, please make sure to pay attention to safety, ensure your dog’s health, and obey traffic rules and local laws and regulations. In addition, having a folding electric bike suitable for riding with your dog is also essential – HiPEAK ELIAS Fat Tire Electric Bike is the choice of many dog lovers like Janice. Its powerful 750W motor and 48V 15AH lithium battery can help people keep up with their dogs’ running rhythm more easily. And the ELIAS’s 350-pound weight capacity allows it to be fitted with pet baskets in front and behind, making it easy to take your dog along for the ride.


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