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Colorado Springs DUI Attorney Mike Moran Warns of Increased Memorial Day DUI Enforcement

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the most dangerous season for DUI crashes and arrests.

(PRUnderground) May 26th, 2023

A recent study shows a clear upward trend in the number of deadly DUI-related crashes in Colorado statewide.  Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the most dangerous 100-day driving period of the entire year for DUI arrests and accidents. To combat this trend, Colorado Department Of Transportation has announced aggressive DUI enforcement measures across the state to help ensure driver safety.

Colorado State Patrol Chief Col. Matthew C. Packard writes:

“As we kick off the summer season, remember to plan for a sober ride when attending celebrations and get-togethers,” said Col. Matthew C. Packard, chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “Your Colorado State Troopers and statewide law enforcement agencies are dedicated to making sure everyone gets home safely and keeping Colorado roads free of impaired drivers.”

DUI Checkpoints And Patrols Increase During Memorial Day Holiday

With the beginning of the summer driving season, expect local Colorado Springs DUI enforcement patrols to intensify similar to the recent St. Patrick’s Day efforts which netted the largest arrest of DUI drivers in the state.

Increased social activities and warmer weather often brings people outdoors, leading to more social gatherings, parties, and events. These occasions frequently involve the consumption of alcohol or other substances. As a result, there is a higher likelihood of individuals getting behind the wheel while impaired.

It is important to note that these factors do not justify or excuse impaired driving. Driving under the influence is illegal and dangerous, posing risks to the impaired driver, passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists on the road. It is essential to prioritize responsible behavior and make use of alternative transportation options if one has been drinking.

DUI Prevention Measures Colorado Springs Drivers Can Take

  1. Designate a sober driver: If you plan on drinking alcohol, arrange for a designated driver who will remain sober throughout the evening. This person will be responsible for driving everyone home safely.
  2. Use ride-sharing services: Utilize ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft to ensure a safe and sober ride home. These services are readily available and can be a convenient alternative to driving under the influence.
  3. Public transportation: Check if there are any public transportation options available in your area. Buses or trains can provide a reliable and safe means of transportation, especially if you’re attending an event or gathering in a busy area.

What If You Are Charged With DUI in Colorado Springs?

If you are pulled over for suspicion of DUI (Driving Under the Influence), it is essential to know how to handle the situation responsibly. Here are some general steps to follow:

  1. Stay calm and be polite: As soon as you see the police lights, pull over to a safe location promptly. Stay calm and be respectful when interacting with the officer. Keep your hands visible, preferably on the steering wheel, to assure the officer you pose no threat.
  2. Comply with instructions: When asked, provide your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. Follow the officer’s instructions but avoid making any self-incriminating statements or admitting guilt.
  3. Be aware of your rights: You have the right to remain silent and not answer questions that may incriminate you. You can politely inform the officer that you would like to speak with an attorney before answering any questions.

DUI Lawyer Colorado Springs, P.C. attorney Mike Moran said, “Colorado Springs area residents should always take precautions to avoid any possibility of DUI charges, but if you find yourself in a position where you need to deal with a DUI charge, having legal representation is essential.”

In all jurisdictions, officers are trained to follow the same procedures when making an initial DUI stop, administering field sobriety tests, conducting chemical testing, and making an arrest. A plausible defense in court may be that the arresting officer departed from these standard procedures.

Consult a Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer to ensure your rights were respected during the DUI investigation, testing, and arrest.

Our firm provides decades of expert assistance in Colorado DUI criminal law to achieve results for our clients charged with alcohol or drug related driving crimes.  Get a free case review from our straightforward, aggressive, and highly effective legal team today.

Visit our website or our downtown location at 220 E Costilla St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

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DUI Lawyer Colorado Springs, P.C. offers expert legal representation for DUI cases in Colorado Springs. Our skilled attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and fighting for the best possible outcome. Trust us to navigate the complexities of DUI laws and provide you with a strong defense strategy.

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