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The Future of E-Motors Is Axial: How Beyond Motor’s Axial Flux Tech Saves Up to 4x on Production Material and Still Delivers Highest Power Density

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Electric motors are evidently becoming the driving force behind different industries, from electric vehicles and drones to industrial machinery and marine propulsion. According to Vantage Market Research, the e-motor industry is expected to grow to a staggering 195 Billion Dollars by 2030 measured in yearly market revenue.

However, not all electric motors are created equal, and for that expansion to be even possible, new technologies will have to be developed. Traditional motors, which are used in over 95% of applications today, have several limitations that hinder their performance and efficiency. These include higher raw material quantities (material inefficient), low torque density, high weight, large size, and poor heat dissipation.

Fortunately, a new technology has already proven to be capable of overcoming these challenges and offers a superior solution for electric motorization: presenting the axial flux motors. Axial flux motors are disc-shaped motors (also called “pancake” design) that have the stator and rotor arranged in a parallel configuration, perpendicular to the motor axis. This design results in a shorter magnetic path, which reduces the need for raw steel and rare earth materials (magnets) while keeping or even increasing power output. Moreover, axial flux motors have a higher torque density than conventional motors, which means they can generate more power for a given size and weight compared to the prevalent radial flux technology such as in a typical Tesla. Playing a significant role in mass production, axial flux motors also have a lower volume, which makes them more compact and easier to integrate into other components. 

One of the world’s leading companies in the field of axial flux motor technology is Beyond Motors, a European startup that specializes in producing high-quality axial flux motors for various applications. Beyond Motors has developed a patent-pending water cooling system that enables high heat extraction from the engine, resulting in high efficiency (above 97%), high continuous power, and torque. Their e-motors series additionally offer stackable designs that allow for up to three motors to be combined into one synchronized and through-mounting connected unit, resulting in added safety (redundancy), while multiplying the power up to 300% with the same diameter. 

Beyond Motors is not a typical startup - they leverage collaborations and partnerships in a unique way, that enables them to access talent at points necessary while protecting the capital. The team consists of e-motor production specialists, former Fortune 500 leaders, and engineers with over 20 years of industry experience. They combine their expertise and creativity to develop innovative and customized solutions for their clients. They are known to collaborate with various academic institutions and industry partners to advance the research and development of axial flux motor technology. They challenge the status quo and drive electric motors into a new era. Enhancing products and services stands as their core objective, and they achieve this by welcoming and incorporating customer feedback. Their commitment is further reflected in their collaborative testing efforts, utilizing real-world data to drive tangible improvements.

Domen Kocevar, the CEO & CTO of Beyond Motors, explains why axial flux motors are the future of e-motors: 

"Axial flux motors are not just an improvement over traditional motors; they are a game-changer. They offer unparalleled performance and efficiency while saving up to four times more material and reducing the environmental impact.“

“Axial flux motors are the ideal choice for any application that requires high power density, low weight, and compact size. Beyond Motors Team believes that axial flux motors will revolutionize many industries, such as electric road vehicles, marine propulsion, and make a difference in aviation - even though a lot of focus is on marine electrification lately."

Beyond Motors’s team is committed to producing the best axial flux motors on the market and is dedicated to advancing the research and development of this cutting-edge technology. They collaborate with various academic institutions and industry partners to explore new possibilities and applications for axial flux motors, especially when needed to provide customized solutions for their clients, tailoring their products to their specific needs and requirements.

The future of e-motors is axial, and Beyond Motors is leading the way. Companies that are looking for a reliable, efficient, and innovative electric motor solution, can look no further than Beyond Motors. Detailed performance tests can be requested at or downloaded from their website  (

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