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Opic’s 3D smartphone games played over 3D livestream could rival Snapchat

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Opic Technologies, Inc. releases aspects of its patent pending technology on a set of 3D smartphone games

Snapchat is an instant messaging app, which has a set of fun, catchy games like using "filters" to put animal ears onto a user's head. As of June 2023, Snapchat is reported to have a net worth of nearly $17 billion. In this press release, Dr. Robert Douglas of Opic Technologies, Inc. explains why he believes that Opic's 3D smartphone game package could rival Snapchat.

But first, who is Opic and what do they own? Opic Technologies, Inc., a small 3D Technology company based in Orlando, FL, owns patented technology on 3D smart devices and 3D livestreaming. For example, Opic's 3D smartphone is configured to 3D livestream left eye imagery and right-eye imagery from the 3D smartphone's stereoscopic camera system to a user wearing a virtual reality headset. Dr. Robert Douglas claims that Opic's 3D livestream will spike demand for three new product lines with stereoscopic cameras (3D smartphones, 3D tablets, and 3D laptops), which will skyrocket the VR industry and the metaverse.

Opic Technologies, Inc. filed US Patent Application 18/195,380 titled "3D SMART PHONE GAMES" on 10 May 2023. The full disclosure of this patent pending technology will not be publicly available until the date of patent issuance; however, today Dr. Robert Douglas of Opic Technologies, Inc. shares aspects of this revolutionary technology.

"Just imagine you are holding Opic's 3D smartphone and 3D live streaming with a friend wearing a VR headset. Then, your friend decides to make your nose look like Pinocchio. Your friend wearing the VR headset will watch your nose grows longer and longer in 3D!", Dr. Douglas explains.

Since Snapchat does not have this functionality, Opic's 3D smartphone games could rival Snapchat. "Imagine being able to use your VR headset to 3D live stream with anyone over the internet. Now, Opic's 3D smartphone games is the icing on the cake. Just imagine the fun people will have with games like turning a friend's nose to look like Pinocchio during 3D livestream sessions. Many fun times ahead!” Dr. Douglas said.

Opic Technologies, Inc., a small company based in Orlando, has patented the key technological advances of 3D livestream. Opic has now filed patent pending technology on 3D smartphone games. Dr. Douglas explains, "Opic's fun 3D smartphone games will accelerate the VR industry and the metaverse."

Opic's primary business strategy is either acquisition or an exclusive license of its entire patent portfolio including international patent rights to one company whether it be U.S. based or foreign. The details will be released in the summer of 2023.

About Dr. Robert Douglas:

Dr. Douglas is a business man, engineer and inventor (75+ patents issued and 50+ patents pending) having designed, built and tested an array of 3D imaging technologies.

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