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Equitable Enhances its Flagship Investment-Only Variable Annuity

New options meet client demand for increased growth opportunities, partial downside protection and greater flexibility

Equitable, a leading financial services organization and principal franchise of Equitable Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: EQH), today announced enhancements to its Investment Edge® investment-only variable annuity that add new options designed to increase growth potential and provide additional flexibility to customize investment options. This announcement continues Equitable’s strong track record of innovation in the annuity market.

Growth Multiplier — a new investment option that adds a set multiple to a positive S&P 500 return — allows individuals who are willing to take on more investment risk by forgoing partial downside protection to take advantage of potentially larger investment gains.

“We know clients are looking for opportunities to continually grow their retirement savings, especially given the lingering higher inflation that we are experiencing,” said Steve Scanlon, Head of Individual Retirement at Equitable. “Our new Growth Multiplier investment option is designed to help solve for this and is the latest example of our ongoing commitment to innovate.”

Equitable is also adding its Dual Step-Up segment, a popular investment option in its Structured Capital Strategies® PLUS registered index-linked annuity, to Investment Edge. Dual Step-Up provides the potential for a positive return even during flat or down markets by guaranteeing a positive return equal to the performance cap rate if the selected index return is greater than or equal to the chosen buffer at the end of the investment period.

Scanlon added, “Many individuals value the opportunity for partial downside protection in their portfolios even when markets are up. These enhancements to Investment Edge provide our clients with more investment options to meet a wide range of risk appetites and the flexibility to create a truly customized solution to support their financial future.”

Investment Edge will now include 52 additional buffered investment options. The new investment options include shorter one- or five-year investment durations that give clients the flexibility to reallocate their underlying investments in times of uncertainty and higher buffers to provide additional partial downside protection options. New investment segment options include:

  • Standard segments with -20% and -40% investment buffers
  • One-year, Step-Up segment option with a -15% buffer and five-year Step-Up segment with a -10% buffer
  • Dual-Direction segment options with -15% and -20% buffers

Clients also have the option to transfer between segment investment options prior to the segment maturity date, adding flexibility to adjust asset allocations as their circumstances or market conditions change. Investment Edge now has more than 80 different structured options and more than 100 variable investment options offered by world class asset managers.

About Investment Edge

Equitable’s Investment Edge investment-only variable annuity allows clients access to a wide array of world class asset managers and buffered investment options with tax deferral. Investment Edge provides clients with the ability to optimize how and when they start taking distributions for their account, thereby potentially reducing taxes in the early years of retirement. These benefits can also be extended to beneficiaries. For an additional cost, clients can also elect for their premiums to be returned to heirs upon their death, eliminating a common hesitancy to invest in variable annuities. It can be used as an investment vehicle for inherited IRA contracts, increasing flexibility in investment choices beyond what is often a limited number of options.

About Equitable

Equitable, a principal franchise of Equitable Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: EQH), has been one of America’s leading financial services providers since 1859. With the mission to help clients secure their financial well-being, Equitable provides advice, protection and retirement strategies to individuals, families and small businesses. Equitable has more than 8,000 employees and Equitable Advisors financial professionals serves 2.8 million clients across the country. Please visit for more information.

“Equitable” refers in this press release to Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (Equitable Financial) (NY, NY) and Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company of America (Equitable America), an AZ stock company, issuers of the Investment Edge® and Structured Capital Strategies® variable annuities. Overall, Equitable is the brand name of the retirement and protection subsidiaries of Equitable Holdings, Inc., including Equitable Financial, Equitable America, and Equitable Distributors, LLC. Equitable Advisors is the brand name of Equitable Advisors, LLC (member FINRA, SIPC) (Equitable Financial Advisors in MI and TN). Reference to the 1859 founding applies specifically and exclusively to Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company.

Investment Edge® and Structured Capital Strategies® are offered by prospectus, which contains important information about investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. For a prospectus, contact your financial professional or the company, or visit the Structured Capital Strategies section of Be sure to read the prospectus carefully before investing or sending money.

A variable annuity is a tax-deferred financial product designed to allow you to invest for growth potential and provide income for retirement or other long-term life goals. In essence, an annuity is a contractual agreement in which payment(s) are made to an insurance company, which agrees to pay out income or a lump sum amount at a later date. Variable annuities are subject to market risk including loss of principal. Earnings are taxable as ordinary income when distributed and may be subject to an additional 10% federal tax if withdrawn before age 59½. There are fees, charges, limitations, and restrictions associated with variable annuity contracts. For costs and complete details of coverage, speak to a financial professional/insurance licensed registered representative. All guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing life insurance company. Regarding partial downside protection, there is a risk of a substantial loss of principal and previously credited interest because the contract holder agrees to absorb all losses to the extent they exceed the downside protection provided by the variable annuity. It is not possible to invest directly in an index. GE-6131210.1(12/23) (exp.12/25)


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