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What is SMP?

Humanity has experienced three industrial revolutions in history. In the first industrial revolution, mankind entered the age of steam, in the second industrial revolution, mankind entered the age of electricity, and in the third industrial revolution, mankind entered the information age.

The blockchain, an open source distributed decentralized database, records are irreversible and cannot be tampered with. It is the underlying technology of digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BCH), and it’s more of a revolution in the information age!

As one of the new infrastructure technologies, it’s regarded as the underlying technology of the next generation of the internet.

After Web3, mankind will enter a new digital era. The blockchain computing power revolution will help the distribution system revolution and drive future development.

Global idle resources will be integrated to contribute to computing power and build a global consensus economic system.

String Magnetic Protocol (SMP), a high-intensity integrated blockchain, is presented based on the logic of physics. The most basic computing power of the CPU is regarded as string vibration. Due to the equal vibration of the CPU computing power, the magnetic theory is the same as quantum entanglement, independent mining machines generate computing power and communicate with other mining machines. The CPU computing power and smart contracts are verified, everyone participates in mining fairly, and problems such as idle computing equipment, the inability of smart contracts to bind mining machines, and the classic inflation-price incompatibility paradox are solved. The new physical economic protocol bound by the smart contract EVM and the machine makes the mining process fair and inclusive.

Promote the reintegration of resources and change the operating logic of the industry. As a digital currency that dominates the economy, mining technology and smart contract binding adopt new revolutionary methods, utilizing the special properties of string magnetic protocol, adopting the concept of zero-knowledge proof, large-scale collaboration and open innovation, protecting user’s privacy and data security and safeguarding the road to great wealth.

The data value of String Magnetic Protocol(SMP) continues to extend, while empowering personal data, exerting individual value, expanding the scope of new business scenarios, and exploring new wealth in the digital economy era.

Digital asset mining services are transparent and efficient. Ensure the stability of the digital economy and new wealth system, construct a “business + computing power” hybrid mining model, rapidly deploy technology, reduce system management friction, and adjust equity distribution at any time, setting a new benchmark for the era, the top distributed cloud storage service will be created!

String Magnetic Protocol covers the entire multi-chain ecosystem. Build a decentralized global computing power sharing platform, a pioneer in the new investment field, focus on global blockchain industry trends, bring a new economy to mankind, seize the golden age of mining, and share the dividends of the times!

Within the String Magnetic Protocol

1.Casting the market releases the income of node users and increases circulation

2.Relying on the ecosystem to burn Tokens

3.Players purchase NFT and repurchase some SMP

The economic ecology forms a closed loop to prevent malicious inflation and excessive deflation.

The information flow and value flow circulate endlessly, stimulating great group cohesion and promoting social development. SMP computing power output is as high as 210,000,000 (100%), and 105,000,000 (50%) will be destroyed.

SMP’s unique economic model enables cash flow and risk diversification to achieve a win-win situation and has a strong competitive advantage in the mining market.

Comprehensive rate of return, platform ease of use, and mining threshold considering user experience from multiple dimensions, with rich application scenarios.

Complete custody pledge model, super consensus mechanism, and pledge increase model.

Limited edition of NFT bonus mining, the contract pool adds additional profits based on mining computing power, and the gain effect is excellent.

NFT endorses the string magnetic economic ecology. All sales are the main tokens on the chain, and the regular repurchase of SMP tokens solves ecological inflation conflicts and creates the world’s only fair, transparent, win-win and shared cloud computing power ecology based on technology.

In the future, the String Magnetic Protocol will follow the pace of the times and launch the String Magnetic Kingdom War game, with a spectacular development scene, complete SMP project creation node recruitment.

SMP integrates global idle resources, participates in computing power contribution, and builds a global consensus economic system.

Mining efficiency is greatly improved, a decentralized community node alliance ecology is born, computing power network craze surges, SMP becomes a productivity that benefits the public, and explores infinite possibilities!

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