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New fantasy novel, “The Black Hearts: Book of the Rising Sun” by M. Duviel Irizarry is released, an epic tale of tragedy, villainy, and lust for power amidst kingdoms at the brink of war

New fantasy novel, "The Black Hearts: Book of the Rising Sun" by M. Duviel Irizarry is released, an epic tale of tragedy, villainy, and lust for power amidst kingdoms at the brink of war

“The Black Hearts: Book of the Rising Sun” by M. Duviel Irizarry has been released worldwide. This 632-page fantasy novel, which has achieved Amazon Bestseller status as #3 in the “Folklore & Mythology” category, draws readers into a world wrought with conflict, where three warring kingdoms each face internal struggles and uncertain futures. In this first installment of the forthcoming series, Irizarry introduces a wide range of characters with competing interests and establishes one of the story’s core themes: “We are all villains to someone else…” 

Vamya of the Suhne Empyre, the first woman with a chance to ascend the throne in fifteen centuries, must contend with the other heirs and a restrictive religious majority to take the place of their recently deceased leader. Elsewhere on the continent of Caelris, Ardenay has lost its king, creating a power vacuum within the religious Kingdom of Light. These events ensure that the long-silent Blackheart Kingdom, blamed by the others for the darkness in the world, is drawn into a war they didn’t seek. 

In a vast narrative of prophecy, conniving characters, hidden motives, and competing interests, Irizarry weaves a rich tapestry of politics, family, and religion that shows how the best intentions can be interpreted by enemies, as well as the individual battles of those caught in the tangle of fate.

Beautifully detailed and full of unpredictable twists, this introduction to The Black Hearts book series contains many of the elements fantasy readers love, but takes a unique approach to the concept of heroes and villains. Drawing on his own difficult past, the author puts his characters through incredible hardships and reminds the audience of the inspirational power of perseverance. The characters face hard decisions and unknowable outcomes, yet also find reasons to trust and support one another.

This expertly crafted novel builds an entire world, but remains anchored by the emotions and motivations of the people within it. Heartbreaking at times, inspiring at others, and compelling throughout, Irizarry’s writing will keep readers enthralled from beginning to end.

The Black Hearts: Book of the Rising Sun (ISBN: 9781958729366 / 9781958729373) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The hardcover retails for $54.95, the paperback retails for $44.95, and the ebook retails for $2.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request. The author can be contacted via email at

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From the back cover:

The Almighty Sun is dead, leaving a throne and ashes for his heirs to fight for.

As the first female child of the Sun-god in fifteen centuries, Vamya has the chance to Ascend.

In order to succeed, she must challenge not only her two brothers, but a millennial society where religion holds more value than any individual, where women’s rights are scarce.

She must break the foundational chains of an entire belief system, including her own.

Who can guide her when her own birth is anathema? Who can she trust? Where can she stand firm when the ground is shaking under the approaching drums of endless war against the neighboring beacon of the Light and the kingdom of Darkness?

Who will Fate choose? Who will be the key that will change the course of the world?

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