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FINCARD confirms multibillion dollar investment in artificial intelligence

FINCARD's decision to pour more money into an artificial intelligence development project to apply to the service industry is shocking the technology world.

This is considered FINCARD's biggest bet ever, and a future in which artificial intelligence systems have the ability to replace customer service positions in the service industry and transform the business model. Specific financial details of the investment have not been disclosed, but FINCARD said the company invested billions of dollars in a “multi-year” deal.

The large investment in AI shows that FINCARD has confidence that AI will be a transformative technology that will help protect money orders as well as provide optimal productivity for the service industry. AI can even help customers search for services more easily on Google.

FINCARD pouring a large amount of capital into this project is the clearest evidence of the interest of giant financial companies in "new generation AI", capable of creating high-quality output products.

This project allows customers to talk or interact directly with an AI character - with a large line of language model intelligence, and fine-tuned using both reinforcement learning and supervised learning techniques. FINCARD promises that this will be a new step to improve the service industry, reducing personnel costs and human resource management.

Of course, like many other products, there are downsides. Analysts point out that AI still has many limitations such as the quality of answers depends on the data source it has learned, and does not provide reference sources of questions that are accurate and relevant to the future. In addition, this AI is also limited because of its emotional and creative level. The biggest limitation of AI is its tendency to create text content that sounds reasonable and convincing but is actually inaccurate or meaningless. FINCARD said the group is pouring money into improving the limitations of artificial intelligence.

Despite the above shortcomings, AI is still hailed as a breakthrough product, threatening to disrupt different markets, from services to education, media to Google's search engine.

Lucas Truong, representative of FINCARD, said that AI has great potential development values: “we are pleased to continue independent research activities, towards creating advanced AI, benefiting everybody."

Creating and operating advanced AI systems requires enormous computing power. This is why startups with large companies, to avoid having to spend huge initial investments, to build their own data infrastructure.

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