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Author’s Tranquility Press Presents “Sojourner to Stoner: The Journal” by Gordon Schwerzmann

Author's Tranquility Press Presents "Sojourner to Stoner: The Journal" by Gordon Schwerzmann
Embark on a Journey to 1970s Southeast Asia in This Captivating Journal

Prepare for a unique journey as Gordon Schwerzmann, the author of "Sojourner to Stoner: The Journal," invites readers to step back in time to the vibrant and exotic era of  Southeast Asia in the 1970s, an unforgettable exploration of a traditional age before the all-encompassing influence of Western culture and Asia's “economic miracle” transformation.

About the Book:

In "Sojourner to Stoner: The Journal," Gordon Schwerzmann takes readers on a remarkable journey that spans over three years. The book opens a window to the 1970s when Schwerzmann served as an officer in the U.S. Army in South Korea and subsequently embarked on extensive travels throughout Asia, first as a backpacker and then as a hippie .

Schwerzmann's narrative captures the essence of a pivotal period when Southeast Asia was at the crossroads of change. This was a time before the powerful sway of Western culture, when Asia grappled with the competing forces of communism, traditional ways of life, horrific independence wars and future promise of economic miracles. "Sojourner to Stoner: The Journal" offers readers an authentic perspective of this revolutionary period through the eyes of a hippie traveler who observed first hand this tumultuous battle for Asia’s soul.

The book creates a vivid tapestry of Schwerzmann's experiences which brings to life the natural beauties of unspoilt beaches, majestic jungle engulfed ruined civilizations, tribes that had been headhunters a scant generation past, and whole socieities under the sway of Animism, Buddhism and Islam. 

Written in a fun, colloquial style, with raw, unfettered and frequently hilarious dialogue that engages the reader in a visceral and eye-opening journey, accompanied by an unforgettable cast of burnt-out soldiers, drug addicts, dewy-eyed flower girls, and “outcasts of the islands'' dreamers.  “Sojourner to Stoner” expands the parameters of a travelog, delving into historical researched backgrounds to make sense of current realities, presenting  succinct biographies of dynamic Asian change-makers, exploring cultural, religious and philosophical beliefs, comparing Asian and American world views and solutions to similar problems and sharing poignant love encounters. A “people” book, where students, religious leaders, businessmen, artists and the common man on the street share their lives, hopes and dreams, offering a microcosm of a society poised for change. This is also a heartfelt “Bildungsroman"  of a young man searching for meaning in his life on the Asian Hippie Trail, a story that evokes the “peace, love, and understanding” of a bygone “Woodstock in Asia” era.

About the Author:

Gordon Schwerzmann is a gifted author who has successfully chronicled his extraordinary journey through Southeast Asia in the 1970s. "Sojourner to Stoner: The Journal" is a testament to Schwerzmann's storytelling talent and his ability to bring the past to life, capturing a world in dynamic transition and a hippie “magical realism” viewpoint, a bright beam of light from a star that has already vanished.

To delve into the captivating world of "Sojourner to Stoner: The Journal" and to experience the vibrant culture and hippie lifestyle of 1970s Southeast Asia, climb on board the “Magic Bus”, available on Amazon.

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