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Date: March 10, 2004

     The following excerpts are transcribed from Comcast Corporation’s presentation at Bear Stearns’ 17th Annual Media, Entertainment & Information Conference:



John R. Alchin — Comcast Corporation — Co-CFO & EVP

I think the reaction is very much what we expected. It covers a range of reactions. But I think generally the reaction to the concept of putting together this great distribution platform that we have that has such a great future for it on a standalone basis, with a tremendous brand and content assets that Disney as, you know, it’s very hard not to get excited about that.

If our two companies could sit down on the same side of the table, and really exploit our platform, today’s technology, their content, you can do all sorts of things that it’s highly unlikely that we would ever do if we were set apart. So we think that there’s an exciting future for the deal if it could be made to happen.


Audience Member

It was hard to walk away from yesterday’s lunch without the impression that you’re definitively not going to offer more for Disney. That certainly wasn’t said, but it was the impression that was given. And perhaps, you won’t offer more stock for Disney, perhaps probably something else.

But as Comcast shareholders, when does this get resolved? I mean, you know, when do you finally say, OK, that was it. That was our best. We walk away. And how much longer is this going to go on? How much longer do we have to wait until we know?

John R. Alchin — Comcast Corporation — Co-CFO & EVP

It’s a very fair question. And what we can’t do is to put definitive parameters around this. But I think it’s fair to assume that this cannot be indefinite. When we bid for AT&T Broadband, you know, we were patient. We didn’t bid against ourselves. There were all of the characteristics that we said we will do this time around.

And I think there was on the back of the shareholder meeting in Philadelphia last week perhaps room for the board to reach out to us, and say we’re interested in getting together. They haven’t done that. They’ve indicated that they’re not going to do that.

But I think it’s also fair from our standpoint, and from the standpoint of our shareholders, to give this a little bit more time to play out. And I think Brian described very well what our objectives were yesterday. And we just have to gauge when we think either another move has to be made, or as Brian said yesterday, if it happens, that’s great, if it doesn’t happen then we have to move on, and we’ve got a great platform to do that.


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