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                                  SCHEDULE 14C

                 Information Statement Pursuant to Section 14(c)
                     of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

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                                  AZONIC CORP.
                             (a Nevada corporation)

                              INFORMATION STATEMENT
                Date first mailed to stockholders: March 2, 2004

                             7 Dey Street, Suite 900
                            New York, New York 10007
                          (Principal Executive Offices)


Item 1. Information Required by Items of Schedule 14A.


This  Information  Statement  has been filed with the  Securities  and  Exchange
Commission  and is  being  mailed  or  otherwise  furnished  to  the  registered
stockholders of Azonic Corp.  ("Azonic" or the "Company") in connection with the
prior approval by the board of directors of Azonic,  and receipt by the board of
approval by written consent of the holders of a majority of Azonic's outstanding
shares of common stock, of a resolution to,

     amend Article 5 of the Certificate of Incorporation of Azonic by increasing
     the number of authorized  shares from 50,000,000  shares of common stock to
     100,000,000  shares of  common  stock,  all with a par value of $0.001  per
     share,  and  correspondingly  increase the number of issued and outstanding
     shares  of  common  stock  held  by  each  stockholder  of  record,   on  a
     four-for-one (4-1) forward split basis,

(the "Amendment").

Section 78.320 of the Nevada Revised  Statutes and the By-laws of Azonic provide
that  any  action  required  or  permitted  to be  taken  at a  meeting  of  the
stockholders  may be taken without a meeting if stockholders  holding at least a
majority of the voting power sign a written consent approving the action.

On January 30, 2004, the board of directors of Azonic  approved and  recommended
the  Amendment.  Subsequently,  the  holders of a majority  of the voting  power
signed and delivered to Azonic written consents approving the Amendment, in lieu
of a meeting.  Since the  holders of the  required  majority of shares of common
stock have approved the Amendment,  no other votes are required or necessary and
no proxies are being solicited with this Information Statement.

Azonic has obtained all necessary  corporate  approvals in  connection  with the
Amendment  and your  consent  is not  required  and is not  being  solicited  in
connection  with the approval of the Amendment.  This  Information  Statement is
furnished  solely  for the  purpose  of  informing  stockholders  in the  manner
required under the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934 of these  corporate  actions
before they take effect.

This  Information  Statement is dated March 2, 2004 and is first being mailed to
stockholders on or about March 2, 2004. Only shareholders of record at the close
of business on March 1, 2004 are entitled to receive this Information Statement.


Effective Date

The  Amendment  will not become  effective  until (i) 21 days from the date this
Information  Statement is first mailed to the stockholders,  or, (ii) such later
date as  approved  by the  board  of  directors,  in its  sole  discretion.  The
Amendment  will be  effective  by filing a  Certificate  of  Amendment  with the
Secretary  of State of Nevada,  and is expected to become  effective on or about
March 23, 2004.

Dissenter's Rights Of Appraisal

Neither  the  Articles  and  Bylaws of Azonic nor the  Nevada  Revised  Statutes
provide for dissenters' rights of appraisal in connection with the Amendment.

Stock Certificates

Stockholders  will be  required to exchange  their  stock  certificates  for new
certificates  representing the shares of common stock after giving effect to the
Amendment  with  our  Transfer   Agent.   Upon  receipt  of  an  existing  stock
certificate, Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. (the "Transfer Agent"), of 1981 E.
Murray  Holladay Road,  Suite 100, P.O. Box 17136,  Salt Lake City,  Utah 84117,
telephone number (801) 272-9294, will issue to the stockholder a new certificate
representing  the aggregate  number of shares of common stock,  as the result of
the Amendment.  For example, if a stockholder owns ten shares of existing common
stock as of the effective date, then that  stockholder  will own forty shares of
common stock resulting from the Amendment, and upon the Transfer Agent's receipt
of existing stock certificate  representing ten shares,  the Transfer Agent will
issue to that  stockholder  a  certificate  representing  forty shares of common
stock the  stockholder  will be  entitled  to as a result of the  Amendment  and
cancel the stock certificate representing the existing ten shares.

The certificates  representing  shares of new common stock will contain the same
restrictive  legend as is on the shares of existing common stock in exchange for
which the new shares are being  issued.  As  applicable,  the time period during
which a stockholder  has held the existing  common stock will be included in the
time  period  during  which such  stockholder  actually  holds the  certificates
representing  the  additional new common stock received as a result of the share
divisions for the purposes of  determining  the term of the  restrictive  period
applicable to the new common stock.

Voting Securities And Principal Holders Thereof

As of January 30, 2004 there are 6,000,000  shares of common stock  outstanding,
each of  which  is  entitled  to one  vote  for the  purpose  of  approving  the

Only  shareholders  of  record  at the  close of  business  on March 1, 2004 are
entitled to receive this Information Statement.


Security   Ownership  Of  Executive   Officers,   Directors   And  Five  Percent

The  following  table sets forth  certain  information  as of January  30,  2004
concerning  the common  stock owned by each officer and director of the Company,
and each other  person known to the Company to be the  beneficial  owner of more
than 5% of the Company's common stock. Unless otherwise  indicated,  the address
for each listed  stockholder is c/o Azonic Corp.,  7 Dey Street,  Suite 900, New
York, New York 10007.

Name and Address                                                  Shares Owned    Percentage
Infinity Capital Group, Inc. (beneficially Greg Laborde) (1)       4,500,000         75%

L & M Specialties,  Inc.                                           1,200,000         20%
                                                                   ----------     ----------

All officers and directors as group (1 person):                    4,500,000         75%
                                                                   ----------     ----------
Total Shares Issued and Outstanding:                               6,000,000        100%
                                                                   ==========     ==========

(1)  Mr.  Laborde  the sole  Director/Officer  of the  Company  owns 100% of the
     common stock of Infinity Capital Group, Inc. ("Infinity Capital") and he is
     the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Infinity Capital.

Reasons for the Amendment

The  amendment  to the  Articles  of  Incorporation  of Azonic to  increase  the
authorized  capital  is being  made,  in  part,  to  provide  Azonic  with  more
flexibility and opportunities to conduct equity financings.

Item 2. Statement That Proxies Are Not Solicited


Item 3. Interest of Certain Persons in or Opposition to Matters to Be Acted Upon

The board of directors  approved the Amendment on January 30, 2004. At that time
and as of the date of this Information Statement,  the directors and officers of
Azonic  beneficially  owned  4,500,000  shares  of common  stock of Azonic  and,
accordingly, had an interest in the Amendment.

Item 4. Proposals by Security Holders.

Not applicable as no proposals submitted.

Additional Information

Additional  information  concerning Azonic,  including its annual report on Form
10-KSB for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2003,  its quarterly  reports on Form
10-QSB for the quarter ended June 30, 2003 and  September  30, 2003,  which have
been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission,  may be accessed through
the Edgar archives, at www.sec.gov and is incorporated herein by reference.

March 2, 2004

By Order of the Board of Directors

/s/ Greg Laborde
Greg Laborde
President and Chairman of the Board