TraiTel Technologies Launches a $5 New Way to Smarten Any Device With the SiB Kickstarter Campaign

The Swiss-army-knife of Internet-Connected Devices - 'make it SMART' and internet connected

SAN DIEGO - December 14, 2018 - (

TraiTel Technologies is proud to announce the launch of their crowd-funding campaign for their latest, cutting-edge technology, the SiBTM, or Simple, internet-connected Button, that is only $5 to buy. Launched just a few days ago, the Kickstarter-powered campaign seeks to fund the production of their latest development, a programmable, internet-connected button that can be adapted to almost any use.

Each SiBTM is a small, self-powered box featuring a wireless, internet-connected button, which in combination with the SiMPTM messaging app, allows the button to be programmed to operate in an almost limitless number of ways. In addition to the SiBTM itself, TraiTel Technologies is also looking to fund production of a number of connected sensors that can be used with the SiBTM to perform tasks.

With a one-off purchase and no monthly fee for the app, SiBTM represents a clear divergence from industry practice for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, bringing affordability and value to the market in equal measure. Users can load a SiBTM with a program of their choice, with the system powering up and running that program automatically when the button is pressed.

Eli Traitel, CEO of TraiTel Technologies, noted that “Each SiBTM is very versatile, capable of sending instant messages, sending urgent messages, measuring the temperature, detecting the presence or absence of a nearby magnet as an alarm, providing multi-colored light, performing timed tasks, detecting button-press sequences to perform different actions and, most notably, the ability to plug into a broad array of external accessories that further expand its capabilities.“

With a button press, the SiBTM is able to send an instant message, whether a predefined warning or assistance message for someone, effectively creating an emergency alarm for very little cost, or a temperature warning for monitoring equipment. Its incredible versatility, combined with its low cost of only $5, creates opportunities for IoT applications that were previously uneconomical. That's not all. With the additional sensors, SiBTM can be used to add lighting and other functionality that expands the possibilities for the device.

Additional accessories included in the Kickstarter campaign are both USB and AC power adapters that enable long-running applications and a water sensor that enables the device to generate a signal when water touches the sensor - this enables the SiBTM to be used as a flood-detection device, among other applications. Further comprehensive kits include a plant-health accessory kit that monitors a number of factors, including daylight, PH levels, soil moisture and temperature to notify if there are problems with the plant environment.

An HVAC thermostat control can be used to enable one-button on/off for the furnace or air conditioning, or fully automated, temperature-sensing operation of the entire HVAC system if required. Motion detectors and smoke detectors provide the basis for comprehensive security and safety systems at a significant cost savings from traditional approaches, while a range of other sensors also included in the campaign, or planned for future development, will expand the system even further, including for example, GPS modules, door locks and other innovations.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been an exceptional idea but lacked the hardware required to deliver its full potential in an affordable, accessible way. SiBTM offers low-cost entry, easily accessed programming through the free SiMPTM app and simple, one-button operation, delivering the idea of IoT and making it a reality for the first time.

Find the campaign at, with investment options starting at $5, aimed at delivering IoT functionality to users of all levels: from those new to the concept to experienced users looking for the increased functionality they need.

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