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Youth Group Ministry Celebrates Second Anniversary with Expansive Outreach and Free Resources for Global Youth

Sellersburg, Indiana -

As it steps into its second anniversary, Youth Group Ministry marks significant progress in its endeavor to bolster youth ministries worldwide. Acknowledging the pivotal role that captivating spiritual education has in the growth of young individuals, Youth Group Ministry has released over 500 free Bible lessons for teens, with the ambitious goal of reaching students in more than 200 countries. This achievement underscores the organization's commitment to delivering materials that cultivate a profound understanding and relationship with faith among youth. For more information on how Youth Group Ministry aids in cultivating a profound understanding and relationship with faith among youth, visit their website at

Having expanded its services to support over 15,000 churches monthly, Youth Group Ministry provides an array of resources including youth group games, leadership training, and strategies for community outreach. These offerings are geared towards aiding youth leaders in developing vibrant, impactful, and thriving ministries. Predominantly, the platform serves smaller churches, which frequently encounter obstacles in funding and accessing high-quality resources for youth ministry.

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"Our success over the past two years is a testament to our vision of supporting youth leaders in their mission to cultivate strong, faith-driven communities," stated Tony Kummer, founder of Youth Group Ministry. "We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to explore and grow in their faith. Our platform ensures that leaders have access to resources like our free Bible lessons for teens, which are essential in guiding young people on their spiritual journey."

Youth Group Ministry crafts its resources with the aim of captivating teenagers through inventive Bible lessons and games that not only entertain but also educate and provoke thought. These lessons delve into various topical and contemporary issues such as loyalty, perseverance, prayer, and purpose, all through a biblical lens.

“The recent expansion of our free Bible lesson library brings to light the demand for more affordable resources for youth ministry in smaller congregations. The website continues to grow, providing resources for student pastors at no cost in over 200 countries,” Kummer elaborated. “We recognize the challenges youth pastors face in attracting young individuals to their church’s youth ministry. That’s why at, we offer free, engaging lessons that commence with an enjoyable youth group game. Our bespoke Bible study lessons are designed to foster spiritual development and establish a solid foundation for a enduring connection with God. We present a free and adaptable series tailored to address the unique needs of each youth group.”

As Youth Group Ministry embarks on its third year, it is steadfast in its commitment to enriching its offerings by introducing more contemporary and accessible resources for youth leaders across the globe. The platform's objectives are in harmony with the growing demand for digital resources capable of adapting to the changing dynamics of youth ministry.

Youth Group Ministry serves as evidence of how innovative digital tools, combined with the timeless teachings of the Bible, can motivate and empower the forthcoming generation of Christians. As it continues its expansion, Youth Group Ministry stands as an invaluable resource for youth leaders endeavoring to enact a meaningful change in the lives of young people through engaging and transformative spiritual education.


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