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Li & Liao Optometry Launches Neurolens Awareness Campaign

Bakersfield, California -

Brimhall, CA — The team at Li & Liao Optometry, experts in diagnosing and treating eye-related health conditions, is proud to announce a campaign to raise awareness for Neurolens, a special custom-designed lens technology used to treat certain eye misalignments. A large number of people are misdiagnosed with other conditions like Meniere’s disease, vertigo, TMJ, or inner ear disorder, when they suffer from binocular vision disorder (BVD). Li & Liao wants to raise awareness of BVD, so people who are frustrated with stubborn headache symptoms may consider other possible diagnoses.

“Migraines and headaches are incredibly disruptive, and can make it impossible for a person to focus on work, school, or hobbies,” said Dr. Dawson Li, O.D., co-owner and practicing optometrist. “Eye misalignments can cause symptoms even if the misalignment between the eyes’ focal points is too subtle for the patient to notice, which is why BVD is often misdiagnosed as something else. We want to make as many people aware of the problems that these misalignments present, and the best way to treat them, so they have the know-how they need to properly protect their eye sight.”

Man wearing Neurolens from Li & Liao Optometry in Northwest Bakersfield, CA

Binocular vision disorder occurs when the eyes don’t properly communicate with the brain. When this happens, the result is that the eyes don’t focus together on a single point exactly, so each eye is sending a different set of signals to their brain from what they are seeing. BVD describes a large number of conditions that fall under this one term. Lazy eye (amblyopia) and crossed eyes (strabismus) are two common forms of BVD, and between 6 and 13 million Americans suffer from this condition annually.

“There are many causes of BVD, and they can be associated with other disorders,” said Dr. Li. “For instance, BVD can be caused by a physical injury, like head trauma, neurological disorders, or brain-specific conditions like strokes. The causes and different types of BVD are many, but there is only one solution guaranteed to work on all of them: Neurolens.”

Neurolens corrects eye misalignment and restores comfortable vision. They are an advanced technology that can be added to prescription lenses; they have a unique, contoured curve that allows eyes to focus on the same point. They are sophisticated, clinically tested lenses that can help correct an eye misalignment and prevent their misalignment from getting worse.

“Besides treating BVD, Neurolens can have other benefits,” said Dr. Li. “Neurolens can also alleviate conditions like visual trigeminal dysphoria, which occurs when a person spends too long looking at a computer monitor or phone screen. As many as 4 in 5 patients say their Neurolens lowered symptoms of digital eye strain from overlong screen use.”

Li & Liao Optometry is currently accepting new patients for optical and eye health services. People who suffer from chronic headaches or migraines who want relief are encouraged to schedule their appointment. Give their friendly staff a call at (661) 218-2784 to book an assessment.

About Li & Liao Optometry

Li and Liao Optometry is a reputable eye care practice founded in 2001 by Drs. Dawson Li and Yuh-Jen Liao. With a commitment to being true partners in eye care, the practice offers comprehensive eye care services using state-of-the-art technology. With a large optical selection in-office, Li & Liao Optometry also offers myopia control options for children, and advanced dry eye treatment, as well as more novel technology such as Neurolens®. Their skilled optometrists and compassionate team members have built strong relationships and delivered exceptional care throughout California for years, serving patients in the northwest, central, and southwest Bakersfield communities.

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