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Scientists Suggest that Obese People Exercise Better at Night Than in the Morning

By: MerxWire

What are the benefits of exercising at night? Exercise can promote cardiovascular and mental health. According to the latest research, obese people have better effects of exercising in the evening than in the morning and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Studies have confirmed that evening exercise has the opportunity to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in obese patients. (Photo via

New York, NY (Merxwire) – Regular exercise is known to be beneficial, but did you know that the timing of exercise matters, too? In a recent study, scientists discovered that engaging in physical activity in the evening significantly benefits the health of obese individuals, potentially reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia spent eight years tracking the activity levels of nearly 30,000 participants. They observed various activities, including walking, running, climbing stairs, occupational labour, and other structured exercises. Participants’ physical activities were categorized using wearable devices in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

During the tracking period, the research team recorded 1,425 deaths, 3,980 cardiovascular events, and 2,162 microvascular dysfunction events. To eliminate interfering factors, researchers considered age, gender, lifestyle habits, and medication use and excluded participants with other significant illnesses.

While any exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, the study found that participants who engaged in physical activity mostly between 6 p.m. and midnight had significantly lower risks of early death and cardiovascular diseases. This underscores the crucial role of evening exercise in improving the health of obese individuals.

The findings of this study have garnered widespread attention, particularly among obese individuals and healthcare professionals, providing an essential reference. With obesity being a global health issue, where about two-thirds of Australians are overweight or obese, they face a greater risk of major cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and premature death. While exercise is not the sole solution to the obesity crisis, this study suggests that scheduling exercise at specific times of the day may reduce certain health risks.

To maintain a healthy body, it is essential to maintain regular exercise. (Photo via

Further, scientists have differing interpretations regarding whether evening exercise affects sleep. Evening exercisers are advised to exercise within two hours after dinner to avoid late exercise affecting relaxation. This also allows the body to relax and return to normal before sleep. Of course, if there are difficulties falling asleep, engaging in vigorous aerobic exercise or high-intensity training at night is not recommended to prevent the body from becoming excessively fatigued.

If you haven’t started exercising yet, why try exercising in the evening? It’s not just about weight control but also about protecting cardiovascular health and overall well-being. As more people realize this, it’s believed that more people will benefit from the health advantages of evening exercise.

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