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DJ Abyss Unleashes Mesmerizing Waves with Latest Album "Drizzle"

By: IssueWire

DJ Abyss, renowned for his club-centric releases, unveils a unique departure with "Drizzle," a pure chillout album devoid of deep house or club sounds.

Berlin, Germany Nov 26, 2023 ( - German electronic music luminary DJ Abyss, a name synonymous with innovation and trailblazing sounds since 1991, has once again graced the global music scene with his latest masterpiece, the 4th album "Drizzle." This mesmerizing 10-track album is set to captivate listeners with a pure chillout sound without deep house or other club sounds, showcasing DJ Abyss's unrivaled ability to traverse diverse musical landscapes.

Hailing from Frankfurt and finding his artistic home in Berlin since 1995, DJ Abyss has been a stalwart figure in the electronic music scene. Co-founding East Germany's first techno club, KamithHall, he swiftly gained international acclaim as one of the few East German DJs breaking through the barriers. His residency at the iconic Space Admission series and subsequent position at Berlin's legendary Tresor in 1995 solidified his status as a top-tier DJ and producer.

In November 2023, DJ Abyss unveiled his latest sonic creation, "Drizzle," a captivating ChillOut release that once again proves his ability to push the boundaries of electronic music. The album takes listeners on a journey through ambient soundscapes, pulsating trip-hop beats, and soul-soothing downbeats, creating an immersive experience that transcends the conventional confines of genre.

"Drizzle" album is now available for streaming at Spotify and other music streaming services, inviting fans to dive into the depths of DJ Abyss's musical universe. Each track on the album is a testament to his innovative sound and reflects the evolution of his artistic prowess over the years.

DJ Abyss remains an influential force in electronic music, consistently shaping the landscape with his unique approach and prolific career. "Drizzle" is not just an album; it's a sonic odyssey that invites listeners to explore the intricate layers of sound and emotion crafted by a true electronic music visionary.

About DJ Abyss
DJ Abyss, a trailblazer in German electronic music since 1991, emerged from Frankfurt and settled in Berlin in 1995. Co-founding East Germany's first techno club, KamithHall, he gained international acclaim as one of the few East German DJs. A pioneer and resident in the iconic Space Admission series, Abyss earned a residency at Berlin's Tresor in 1995, solidifying his top-tier status. Active through the late '90s and 2000s, he contributed to the golden era of electronic music on the Berlin label MFS. After a 2004 hiatus for family and managing Grooves.Land, his music distribution company.
Abyss returned in 2012 with Soundcloud mixes. His albums, including "Paleance" (2021) and "Into The Abyss" (2022), showcase his versatility, spanning deep house to hard techno. In September 2023, he released his 3rd studio album "Hadrium," and in November 2023, he unveiled his 4th album "Drizzle," a captivating ChillOut release. DJ Abyss continues to shape electronic music with his innovative sound and prolific career. For more information about DJ Abyss and his new album "Drizzle," please visit

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