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Why turbochargers are becoming increasingly important?

The production of turbochargers is becoming more and more demanding, which is related to the general trend of energy saving and emission reduction in automobiles: the displacement of many internal combustion engines is decreasing, but the compression of turbochargers can keep performance consistent or even improve. Interestingly, due to the added weight of the turbocharger and charge cooler, the reduced-emission engine weighs even more than its non-emission-reduced counterpart. As a result, developers began reducing the wall thickness of the housing to reduce weight, which in turn further increased its processing requirements.Turbocharging remains a key technology for developing energy-saving and efficient engines. However, various technological trends also bring new challenges.

The exhaust gas flow drives a turbine wheel, which is connected to another wheel by a shaft. This impeller compresses the incoming fresh air and forces it into the combustion chamber. A simple calculation can be made at this point: the more air that enters the combustion chamber in this way, the more oxygen molecules bind to the hydrocarbon molecules of the fuel during combustion – and this precisely provides more energy.

In practice, extremely high power parameters can be achieved with turbochargers: in modern engines, the maximum compressor rotor speed can even reach 290,000 revolutions per minute. In addition, components can generate extremely high temperatures. Therefore, there are also connections or systems on the turbocharger for water cooling of the charge air. In summary: Four different substances are brought together in a very small space in this component: hot exhaust gases, cold charge air, cooling water and oil (the oil temperature must not be too high).

We offer automotive replacement engine turbochargers from CUMMINS, CATERPILLAR, and KOMATSU for cars, trucks, and heavy-duty applications. Our product range includes turbochargers, cartridgesbearing housingsshafts, compressor wheels, back plates, nozzle rings, thrust bearings, journal bearings, turbine housings, and compressor housings, in addition to repair kits. It is essential to follow the instructions carefully when installing a turbocharger to avoid failure.

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